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I found myself wanting to sneeze right along with you! My eyes tear at just the mention of too much black pepper. However, if you are talking chili peppers or the strong African peppers, this is a delight to anticipate. i never sneeze when eating foods rich with them. I'm too busy enjoying the savory taste. I loved the way you used this topic to highlight the great diversity in the American cultural experience... the foods being one of my favorites. I just loved the prose in this piece and thank you for sharing it with us.
I enjoyed your story from past days. I smiled reading it as I've been sneezing a lot lately whenever pepper is within "nostril proximity"

Well written account, enjoyable, educational, and certainly on topic. You made the story come to life in more ways than one!

God Bless~
I really enjoyed this.

It brought back memories of times when I was working as a termite and pest control worker (there are some funny stories behind that job 30 years ago). I would have the same feelings you illustrated in your story as I would go from home to home and smell their ethnic cooking.

Great Job.

If you want to hear my spider, cockroach, and snake stories, give me a hollar!
I LOVE this! Witty, attractive story . . .
Congratulations on your EC! This is a fine entry and a well deserved win.

I once lived in a multi-cultural apartment building. Most of the tenants were med students from other countries like Russia and China. Talk about smells!

I really enjoyed this.
Congrats on the well-deserved E.C.! A delightful read for all ages and cultures.
Congrats Pam!

As you say, "Wing His Words!"

God BLess~