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I wonder how many "loving groans" will come from this gem?

Great job, loved your take on the topic. You funny man you!

God bless~
I have been the head of Children's Worship for more than 15 years (along with my wife), you can't imagine the countless conversations we've had with people who have to clean up the church after our events that sound just like Father Clive's unnamed janitor.

This was funny, but very true too. Apparently to people who clean, glitter is satan dust. :)

You definitely nailed the circumstances well, and I could really see both the frustrated janitor and the frazzled priest clearly in my mind's eye through the picture you painted for me.

Great job!
Very comical take on the topic. I had to chuckle at the "punch line."
As always, I appreciate the delightful humor you bring to a challenge entry. You are the master of understatement: without ever being a close neighbour of happiness. I liked that! Some years ago, our large church regularly had a donkey with rider for Palm Sunday. (The donkey had a diaper--smile) It was a very meaningful service with women and children waving palm branches on the donkey's path.
Gripping and so very satisfying. Your writing always charms and gigglefies me.

ps. What did the 8 say to the 3?
Brilliant. You've got to get to the punchline before it hits home, but it's well worth waiting for.