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THe reality of this story is suffocating, as so many live like the MC. Well written and a lot of depth.

God bless~
You told a familiar story with gentleness and great humility. You gave Isabella humanity and not just a position as a poster child for homelessness. Sometimes these are over dramatized to try to make the point but you told it in such a way that your MC was like a friend instead of a nameless cause. I love it.
I really like this story. Isabel was so real and her situation is probably a lot more common than we think.

I love how you took us a along her morning routine and made it seem so routine while all the time we know that we would be horrified at having to go through something like that.

Great job!
Good writing opens hearts and expands our thinking--with the limited word count you did both with your MC's situation and how she survived from day to day. I hope this story raises awareness to how prevalent homelessness is in today's world.
Very good job of making an invisible problem painfully visible.

God bless~
Congratulations on your EC! Another one of my favorites from this week that had a lot of excellent entries.
I knew you would do well with this! Congratulations!
I must protest. This entry should have come in ahead of mine! What a poignant tale and brilliant take on the topic. I could feel her every emotion—I felt like I was the MC.

I'm heading downtown in a little while. Because of your message, I'll be keeping an eye out for those invisible ones. Great job. And congratulations on your fine EC!