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This is such a well written entry- I expect that it will do well... but beyond that, it has such a profound a thought provoking message. I enjoyed the progression of the story and especially liked the way you tied it to Satan's fall.
and thought provoking
Well done! A clearly well written entry that gives the reader pause to ponder and reflect on the message it brings forth.

God bless~
You got so much into the word limit, but it didn't feel cramped or crowded (the way my own often do). There was breathing room and your pace was steady, deliberate and building. The pictures you painted with your words are so vivid in my mind's eye that they linger there still.

This is truly masterful work and I now want to go hide my own entry from this week so no one will read it and compare.

Thank you for sharing it with us.
Wow--great imagery and conflict throughout this perfectly paced drama. So happy that you wrote a great ending for your MC, while pointing your readers to a much needed message in this world of increasing greed. I expect to find this entry on the Editor's Choice list. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
This is one of those entries where you are swept in from the first line, eager to know what happens to the little girl. You did an amazing job of setting the stage of both the context of her surroundings and the content of her heart. And, you left me impacted by the message. Simply beautiful.
Enjoyed reading this entry. Almost read more like a poem than prose. The use of the word "trawled" took me by surprise. I always thought trawl was a fishing term. When I looked it up in my old Merriam Webster the only definition listed for the verb was "to catch fish with a large net" but when I looked in up on the on-line edition of Merriam Webster I found the definition "to search through something in order to find something" I always like to learn new words or ways to use words!