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As I begun reading I thought quite an obvious application of the topic, but at the conclusion I am sighing...this was beautiful. Did a wonderful job of expressing the fear and anxiety of the subject...good job!!!!!
Good job building the suspense. I could feel the author's anxiety. Well written.
This made me ache with the POV character, wishing the endless-feeling journey to hasten to its conclusion, and to hope her mother was still alive. Love the ending. Dawn came, fragile. It would not last long. But it was there. Such beautiful symbolism.
You certainly gave powerful vision to that endless, time slowing, helpless feel a traumatic situations can bring. It was a heart touching, heart rending read, made even more so in the fact it is non-fiction. Great writing!
This is so vivid and wonderfully described that I felt I was on the journey with you, trying to push that bus along on its 'endless' journey. I am so glad God answered your prayer and you were there in time. Many congratulations on your first place. So well deserved.
Congrats on your win. I knew I liked this one!
I held my breath from beginning to end. Gripping, compelling writing. No wonder you gained 1st place. Congratulations and well deserved!
Congratulations on your well deserved win! I suspected this one would win, and I am glad it did!
Superbly compelling writing from start to the "ahhh, she made it" conclusion. Each sentence drew me into the situation more deeply, right along with the MC. Without a doubt, a very deserved first place win.
I love the contrast of wanting time to stand still for the Mom in your story, while at the same time wanting it to fly by so you can reach her "in time." Excellent, suspenseful writing! Congratulations!
Wow! What a ride! The urgency was so well painted in this dramatic piece that my heart raced along the roadways and sleepy villages, ready to explode, longing to rush to the mom's bedside in time. You captured well the stress and anxiety one would feel if they were in the main characters shoes. This is amazing!!! Love the suspense!! Although the end is inevitable,the moments she has left with her is hopeful as the sun is just about to rise when she arrives. Just beautiful!!!!! Love this!!!!!( I was right with the character as I didn't get to give a final goodbye when I lost my dear mom five years ago, but was awakened in the night by a sudden gnawing feeling and then the call came.... I thank God I had spent the six months before taking care of her daily and visiting her at the local nursing home after she had a major stroke. (tears!) This so is well deserving of your win!!! Congratulations!!!