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Ballad of the Birdsongclever, creative, cute and what a fun, entertaining read!
I really enjoyed it, we'll done.
I am smiling from ear to ear. This is precious. I am going to read it to my granddaughter. As usual, your work is superb! Thanks for sharing.
I never suspected such fowl deeds, but this is very clever - in how you have framed it and tucked some fun into the close.
Well done.
Wonderful! For some reason the cow kneeling between them just brought it to life and I could picture everything. This was so much fun to read!
This was so engaging. Your word pictures were descriptive and brought the whole scene between the two fowl and the cow right to my mind's eye.
I love this poem! I love how the cow (Who was several times smarter than cows living now)solved the problem and they realised they were the same species! Very creative, amusing and well written.
08/19/13 delightfully absurd. Top class story telling in verse.
Sheer delight! Methinks a major winner here, but I will have to check with Ms. Bovine to make sure - she is wise beyond my years.

My crazy mindset immediately ran to Peacock and Mallard - so I am just as embarrassed as Eden's pair of lovebirds. You are in my "favorites". I pray you use your wondrous gift to bless us all with an "Aesop's Fables"-like adults/children book!
Smiling really wide! Excellent job.

God bless~
Many congrats!!!!
Congrats! God bless~
Congratulations Kenn on your well deserved win for this great poem!
This is completely enchanting and entertaining. Superb work! Congrats on another EC!!
Congratulations--Made me smile . . . again!
Absolutely beautiful, and so much fun to read! Three tummies! Congratulations!
This is so clever, cute, funny and entertaining. I love it! Congrats.
I don't know how you do it. Tale telling in beautiful, rhythmic form. I loved this poem and your style.
Your 'Birdsong' flowed and rolled across my mind so beautifully I began to sing it as I read.
Another amazingly crafted and unique piece. Congrats on your win!
This is wonderfully worded, fun, entertaining and the sum of all the above comments. It's never a surprise to see your name on the EC list as everything you create is deserving of being there. So yes, I applaud another of your great entries.