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This is cute, and I was amused to read the note at the end. It's like something I would do.

Be careful of misplaced modifiers. The way your first sentence is written, it appears that your doorbell was eating breakfast.

I like the fast pace of this, with well-written dialogue.
This is brilliant. The fact that it is a true story makes it all the more fantastic. I was thinking myself it was an animal! Great writing and a wonderful tale to tell the grandchildren!
Uh, well, I wasn't far into your story when I said right out loud, "Well, those silly people don't know much about bobcats if they think they want one for a pet." By the end "Gotcha!" was written all over my face. A really fun read. Thanks
What an entertaining, humorous, and captivating story, and all the more-so knowing it is a true story! Wow! What an experience! As I read, at first I thought maybe John had a bobcat machine for sale and the detective thought he was selling a live bobcat as an exotic pet instead. But then when John denied having anything for sale, I too thought the scam was about an illegal exotic pet. So how funny when the ending showed the scam to be about the bobcat machine I thought John had for sale. How amazing that you had a true life story that lent itself to this topic perfectly! Loved it!
Just when I think I've heard everything; ha!
We once owned a Mercury Bobcat station wagon, I kept thinking that as I read on...
This article is interesting and I'm sure will be shared by many.

Wing His Words
A great build-up through credible dialogue, though I thought that the exotic tag linked to a remote reason for the police visit. My (male) brain was confused by sudden concern for the bobcat. Doesn't everybody know that it was all about a machine - or was I also confused because the only bobcats we have down here in Australia are in zoos?
This piece was interesting, humorous, and well written.