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Fun to read, and deadly serious. A delightful twist to a dramatic parable . . .
Very Good! And most original work.
Undeniably a very clever and unique take on both the topic and the parable in Luke 12: 16-20! Seems an amusing and lighthearted read until the sobering end hits you. I think every time I hear the "Old MacDonald" song from now on, I will think of this poem! Excellent job on this!!!
Brilliant poem. What an amazing way to adapt the song. As a begginer entrant, I now understand why there is a masters class afterall!
This was very different. And made me smile.

God bless~
This tickled me pink! It has a serious message and an hilarious presentation. (I'm still laughing.) And it was certainly unique. What more could I say?
This is wonderful. I love the sardonic sense of humor and the powerful message at the end.
Wonderful, inventive, and very thought-provoking. Just great!
Oh what a marvelous way to illustrate this lesson! Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 27 overall!
Much food for thought - right through to the climax. Clever parallels to Jesus' parable (a parallelable???)