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Great story - this brings it all back - the relief of an epidural! This made me smile and I'm sure many will identify!
Funny how an ounce of experience outweighs however many tons of theory. Your MC's approach shows a great balance between being clear and being patronising. Nice touches of humour...
I love the balances you create and maintain: between MC and couple; between best laid plans, and meeting needs; between serious and humorous. A good read! Hope it wasn't too long a night.
This was fantastic! Witty, funny, and totally true. I was a coach for a couple of friends who were filled with the same kind of "dewy-eyed" anticipation as your young patient. It turned on a dime after one hour!

You did a fantastic job through your knowledge of sizing up the situation, allowing them to take the floor, but knew when to "jump in" for
R E L I E F....

Love this!!! And, certainly on topic. Brilliant writing.

God bless~
Congrats on your EC! I was eager to read to see what the outcome would be. I had visions of the husband resisting the meds though mamas demanded for them!
Congrats!! God bless~
Congratulations on placing with this delightful story. Having recently been with two granddaughters who had babies (with epidurals included in their plans) your story made me smile.
Oh I love this. You do a great job of bringing the characters to life. We should join forces and write about our experiences. Mine would be from 20-25 years ago and it would be cool to do a then and now book. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!!
I'm trying to put this couple in the place of my daughter and her husband - and it fits:) haha! Time will tell, anyway! Congratulations on a well-told story, Leah!
Great story and very well written. To me it too brought up memories: ironically almost the opposite of this. With my first, I allowed myself to get talked into an epidural, but after they gave me a second dose, I was too numb to push, so the doctor had to use forceps. Eventually I learned how to stand up for myself and not treat doctors and nurses as if they're all-knowing. Needless to say, the remaining three births were without anesthesia. We live and learn...
07/25/13 I love this entry! Been there five times. Well written, and congratulations on your win. God bless!
Hehehe good one! Reality has a way of changing the best made plans. Just went through the birth of our second grandchild and yup 'epidural' was poo pooed until the 'surges' began to roll in.
Loved your cute take on the topic and congratulations!
So true-to-life! Congratulations on your placement with a wonderful story!
I love your humor, Leah, you totally made me smile. Super congrats on your EC!
FUNNY! It would be so sad if she's progressed too far to have that epidural. Never had one myself. But I could relate to the progression. Especially after convinced to have the Pitocin to "speed" labor.

Congratulations on EC, Leah. Great writing.

Being barren, I cannot quite identify (I have had kidney stones and are told it is quite similar in pain).

What a depiction! Thank you for showing me what I have missed. gurgle.

Hugs, Judi

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