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Ahhhhh... I love it. How romantic! There should be more men like Teddy in this world.
Aww...this is so sweet. I love the story, the characters, and the ending.
Loved it! So sweet and I was very sympathetic to the main character. And I agree that there should be more men like that in the world!
I liked the story and I really liked the pacing of it. It wasn't hurried. I also liked not being nagged about being overweight! The one thing that bothered me was a formatting issue - why the double line space between paragraphs?
Oh, this was lovely and put a big smile on my face. I would love to read a book about a coming relationship between Teddy and Finn, and Maggie of course! What a great read!
Great story. It was an absolute delight to read and I thought it was so clever how you created this lovely romance with a couple of American obsessions, diet and infomercials.
Definitely a fun read.
Mmm, first man to comment among you brood of female commenters - so not many men to some of your liking, mmm again. I like romantic stories but I don't slag women off as a rarity in that area. Just pulling all your darn legs! Thanks for sharing your romance.
I love romantic stories, and with a dog thrown in for good measure. Well written! God bless!
My type of story, "she writes as the stars float out of her eyes."

I really could read happy loving warm cuddly stories like this all day. I love romance.

Thanks! God bless~

"Colin your comments were extremely amusing...A welcome laugh over my morning coffee!"
Laury, I love this! Your sense of humor makes this touching story so fun to read and leaves us with a smile for our day. Bringing out one's romantic side does that. Great writing.
Congratulations on ranking 26th overall!!