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A very well written interesting story. Reminding us life is fleeting and to expect to be eventually viewed how we once view others. Thanks!
This was a poignant and reflective piece filled with honesty and resonating truth in every word.

I love how you view your life, not with regrets, but in a healthy "life review" style.

I was nodding my head in recognition of the "sermons" from years computers, straight from the Bible until the Spirit fell. And, people dressed up, and were respectful to one another. Times have changed, and sometimes, "not for the better."

I smiled because just last week a group of "young girls" arrived in short-shorts with flip-flops, and tee shirts. I didn't watch them, but each time my eyes flickered over the crowd, they were texting andd chatting." All I thought about was, when I was a teenager...I sat completely quiet in worship, and was reverant to God. But, times change.

Thanks for this informative introspective of your life and today...

God bless~
Congratulations on placing with this very interesting story of looking back at earlier expectations and achievements.
Leola - so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

God bless~
Nice work. Congrats on your 3rd place EC.
Leola, this is beautiful and sad at the same time. Made my heart ache. A good reminder to cherish our days. Congratulations!
Oh this was a simply spectacular look into my soon to be around the corner Golden years. Thank you and congratulations!
Warmth and gratitude flows throughout this piece, which could easily have slipped into regrets about the changes that have inveigled themselves into our society. Congrats on your placing.
A truly sensitive and beautiful piece. Congratulations!
Congratulations! This describes the later years of life in such a beautiful way--I'd like to feel the same contentment and peace, looking back at a life spent serving the Lord.
Thank you for writing about this old gal. I turned seventy in June and totally identify with your MC. Loved this. Thank you.

Hugs, Judi

Praise YHWH. Hebrews 10:26-31, Revelation 12:17