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Sad but too real picture of many broken relationships. The ringing of the doorbell, the picture of Jesus, and the question "How many times?" all come together to make a good read, as well as right on topic.
Such a sad story but wonderfully written and tragically a picture of all- too-frequent family rifts. Your fonal words of Dora's prayer - so true. Excellent writing.
An incredibly sobering story that will hold a splash of reality to those who have the pleasure of reading it. Touching, troubling, and yet a truly inspiring ending filled with hope.

Thank you, and a winner in my eyes!

God bless~
This is a gripping and well-written story which I found very moving. Thanks for sharing it. Well done!
You wrote an amazing piece about how resentment can create irreparable damage and how prayer is one of the best methods of overcoming.
I actually had a surreal dream a few nights ago that I was yelling across a chasm at some folks (don't know who they were) who were hassling me-
I think my rather boisterous and raucous dream avatar said something like,
"Well you can't stop me form praying for you, so there and HA!"
Well done and congrats.