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Wow! That group needs to get their gossip under control. Thank you for the reminder to not exaggerate, and to only talk about what I really know is true.
This was a gossip EPIC! Thank you for this great piece.
This piece is so sad because it is too true, unfortunately. Hopefully it is usually not this bad, yet any gossip is very hurtful to the people being portrayed unfairly. And even if the things said are true God has said that it is a sin. People would do well to heed Matthew 18 where it talks about how if you have something against someone going to the person directly and if they don't listen then going to a church leader with another person and on from there, then things are kept in order and aren't blown out of proportion. Also, Paul talks about, before we even go to anyone we are to examine ourselves. Thank you for this well written story on something that the body of Christ really needs to ask forgiveness of, watching both corporately and individually.
Oh, perfect title too!
This reminds me of a song I learned in Acapella Class, way back in 1959, called "Gossip, Gossip" - as I recall it: "Gossip, gossip, evil 'ting, much unhappiness it bring. If you can't say somethin' nice, don't talk at all is my advice."

A bit of calypso to make us aware of how ungodly gossip is, yes?
Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on making the EC list with this sad/funny entry. You titled this perfectly and I was drawn in right from the start. So glad the gossip didn't lead to problems for this couple.
It reminded me of the kids game "telephone" which was played when I was a child (back in the 50's). If only everyone lived by the rule--if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Wouldn't that make this world a cheerier place.
'What tangled web we weave' gone viral; that wicked, unruly tongue.
Well written and entertaining.
Congratulations on your EC placing.