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Wow! this is simply splendid. I am amazed at the way you were able to weave your words into such a beautiful and heartfelt stanzas. I think your POV was a great take on the topic. This is fresh, creative and beautiful.
Creative and flowed ever so beautifully. Magnificent!

God bless~
This is beautiful. Your use of words, imagery,rhythm and rhyme is excellent and has produced a very moving and lovely poem. Well done!
This was a beautifully written prose that had so much symbolism in it.

It is such a creative take on the crown of thorns Jesus wore from many perspectives.

Your poem depicts the heartache sin has brought in the world.
Fortunately, the curse will end when Jesus comes again.

I LOVE this amazing poem! You display such mastery with images and words, my favorite being, "He bore the pain, the taunts, the scorn --
And regally wore my crown of thorn."
You should feel my heart beating in response to this beautiful poem. Thank you for touching this old gal.
Beautiful poem! Congratulations on your EC. Well done!
Margaret, this is a stunning poem, both in its composition and in its message! Moving, beautiful, lyrical, touching, inspiring...!!!!! :)

And the last stanza speaks such comfort and hope to us:

"Redemption on the curse-d tree,
He died so sinners could go free,
And live with Him eternally
In a thorn-free eternity."

Brilliant, Spirit-guided writing!! HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN!!
Much of what could be said, has already been said, except my "Congratulations!"

You gave such a vivid, and haunting description of the pain and sadness our Lord endured for us. He surely was stripped and stricken for us; except for those who had eyes to see He was no Rose of Sharon upon the cross as you so eloquently point out. I love how you take your first stanza and bring it back again toward the end, only with the variation of the fact that because Jesus was willing to shed His Godliness for us (not have petals or be a rose but where a crown of thorns instead) that we wouldn't have to wear a crown composed of thorns for our sin. Thank you so much for this priceless poem. I think it is the best poem I have ever read. Your friend in Him, many blessings to you this day...
Congrats, Margaret! Your message stays with the reader long past the reading. It's wonderful to see this amazing entry with an Editor's Choice award.
So hauntingly lovely and sad at the same time. Thank you for your profound view of the crown of thorns. Congratulations on your EC win.
Wow. This is art. Beautiful poem. Congratulations on your 2nd place level win and your EC. Great job!
Congratulations Margaret on coming 2nd in Masters and in the EC. I wasn't surprised to see this lovely poem do so well.
Congratulations on your well deserved win! Powerful, vivid, masterfully pinned poem that comes at a perfect time, right before Easter!
Congratulations Margaret. Your God given talent never ceases to amaze me. This poem is truly inspired.
This is a wonderful and imaginative yet truthful statement in great poetic form. It is always a joy to read your poems. God bless you and yours and continue to inspire you to write for Him.
Congratulations Margaret on your well earned 2nd place EC award. I'm happy to see that poetry played such an important part in this week's selections.

Beautiful and meaningful. I added to my list of favorites.