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What an amazing legacy. I love the complete change from what I assumed her funeral would entail. I wish I could have seen the reaction from her son and daughter. (My Dad lives one mile from the house where he was born. He takes pride in telling other's that's all the farther he's gotten in life. :))
What a lovely funeral Beryl's turned out to be. There was nothing irrelephant about this old lady's life, as everyone realised eventually. It shows how easily we can make wrong assumptions about people, while they just go quietly about their business being there for others.

This is a lovely, heart-warming story, especially as it's a personal experience.

I'm ashamed to say I had to google em-dash. I thought it was one of your Noelogisms!
Mark and Dianne returned home with a message to ponder, and now - so have we.
I love your title and your story. May we all have an em-dash that reflects the love of Jesus. Good job!
This captured my attention beginning to end...and I was thrilled with the ending! Just look what Beryl meant to so many, when her own family seemed to have shunned her and that seems to be true in far too many families and it is so sad. I am so happy Beryls funeral ended up reflecting and celebrating who she truly was. This was such a well written story and I really enjoyed the read.
What a delightful story, made all the more so because it's true. How wonderful for Beryl that she dedicated her final years to making an impact on others - school children who appreciated her. May we all live out our last years in service to others as Beryl did. Great job! God bless.
The comments so far say it all. Brought back memories of a funeral I attended where the officiating minister was a recently arrived locum who didn't know the lady at all. She had a large family and many friends, all present. The 'locum' had communicated with none of them, admitted no knowledge, offered no comfort, and preached the worst sermon I have ever sat through. Praise God for the vastly different "Beryl" service. God bless you.
Touching and simply moving. What a wonderful job of the topic. God bless~
Thank you for introducing me to her. Lovely.
What a great story. Great to hear of Beryl's impact on the children, now older. I know Derrinallum and Mt Elephant,having driven past them many times!
Funerals / memorial services can really change lives... I have been to a few that really impacted mine where I did not know the deceased at all or not very well. It is so wonderful what God does with a life well lived regardless of what others thought they saw or didn't see in a person. As always, you did such a great job in describing your character's, their attitudes and feelings; making us all feel like we wished we had known your Beryl. I also loved the very appropriate Bible Passage of Matthew 25, it is a passage as Christians, I don't think we consider often enough. Thanks be to God, we can all be "Em-dashes", when we let our light shine as Beryl did.
A very inspiring story. We never know how God will choose to bless us, especially at a funereal!
God Bless.
Your powers of description are aptly showcased in this touching, inspiring story! Your first couple lines immediately piqued my curiosity, and I greatly enjoyed the unfolding of this true tale. Great job!!
What an unexpected and pleasurable turn of events. Your story initially seemed to describe such a forlorn existence but then exploded into a unique and happy ending with a wonderful lesson to boot. Well done!
Congratulations on ranking 26 overall!
This is beautiful. You brought tears to my eyes. I have nightmares that no one will attend my funeral so I could relate to the beginning part. Then you gave me a sense of hope and love to which I'll cling. I also loved the em-dash reference.
Congratulations! May God bless you richly . . .