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While having a well-diversified staff (had to smile at the "madam or a bloke") may appear to lighten the work load, I can appreciate the MC's wisdom to perhaps rethink those thoughts, especially after that cast of characters that made their way into his staff lineup. [all that being said, I am confident that Ken & Barbie WOULD HAVE been an asset to him] :) I just may have to google that legend concerning the council and the duck billed platypus. :) This entry is packed with fun, creativity, and that oh - so elusive "what might have been." :)
I had fun reading this, which means someone had way too much fun writing it! I loved the whimsical thoughts about a different kind of staff.
Hmmm, a writer having fun with themselves...and letting us join in! :) I gotta say, as I read I imagined a couple possible endings but certainly not the ending we got...that made me laugh out loud! And how could you not smile imagining God stepping back and letting a staff create an animal, each wanting their idea incorporated and the platypus the result. :) What a fun entertaining read, loved it!
Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it. Good fun here. Well done.
Good imaginative, creativity on this piece. And as the two previous comments already state; it was fun! The platypus (sp?)part was inserted in just the right place in the piece (for me) in showing the results of a conglomeration of ideas from a commitee creating something rather crazy looking.
Nice job! God bless~