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Awwwwww! This made me cry. Anything ot do with animals, always does, being such an avid animal lover.

I loved the ending, although it was poignant overall. I especially liked how you showed the undying loyalty and compassion a pet has for its owner. He lapped up the blood and stayed by his side, it made me cry so much.

Beautiful job, and fantastic story. "And they all lived happlily every after..."

Yes, my kind of story!!

God bless~
Great job! Very immersing story and plot. I loved reading it. I saw the ending coming, but loved every second of it.
The title said it all. A very enjoyable read from beginning to end.
The title first drew me in and I can't help myself for loving animal stories. This one did not disappoint - I could especially feel for "Big Boy" when hunger and thirst finally drew him away from his beloved master. That a new master was found makes this round out to a wonderful story. Your title is something we all long to hear.
Awwww. This is cute! I love the dog's POV, and how his new owner gave him the same name. Nice job.
Terrific! So happy Big Boy found a home, and so sad at the loss of his master.

This is excellent. A winner I am thinking. You had me all the way through this one.
Awwww! I've just gone through a box of tissues reading this. This is beautifully put together and tugs at the heartstrings. I am so happy about the ending too. It was simply lovely. And unique for the topic.
Very descriptive, with a terrific POV from Big Boy. Loved it.
I adore dogs and it was so easy to imagine this dialogue occurring in Big Boys mind. Well done from a 'best friends' POV.
Masterpiece . . .
Although I do like some of the larger dogs pretty well, I am not an animal lover per se'. I would classify myself as more of a cat lover which is why what I am about to say is really high praise. You did such a marvelous job in painting this dog's relationship with his master that when he lost his master, I felt so bad for him and was finding myself wishing someone would come by to rescue him... I think the unique way in which you showed the topic with the dog's same name being repeated by the new owner as well as the dog going to another compassionate man to care for him was a very powerful way to demonstrate this week's topic. I also enjoyed your amazing description of the scenery; the frigid weather; the dog and both masters. Thank you for this most enjoyable read.
Your first sentence is masterful. I parked on that for a few moments, trying to absorb the richness of the scene you so beautifully opened to me. I have fallen in love with "Big Boy", and so appreciate your descriptions!

Congratulations, Myrna! Big Boy is a keeper and the title (and its meaning) will stay in my memory for a long, long time.
Awww, I'm so glad you placed with Big Boy. Congratulations!
Oh Myrna, this is just wonderful. What a story and so beautifully told. I was longing for a happy ending for Big Boy. Brilliant writing. Many congratulations.
Congratulations on your placing and your EC for a wonderful story.
Despite the frigid prairie wind I encountered here, you totally warmed my heart. Beautiful story! Super congrats on your EC and ribbon!
Congratulations Myrna on your 3rd place and your EC place. This is a beautiful story and you tell it so very well. I loved it.
Congratulations on your win! I was enthralled all over again by your first sentence. Powerful storytelling, my dear indeed!
What a clever effective use of words to draw word pictures for the reader. You had me. Award well-deserved. Congrats!