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Beautiful! God bless~
This is so similar to an idea that I had, but could not develop it, Well done! :)
I love what you do with inspiration, when it hits you. :) What a beautiful poem, so reminiscent of the psalms. I think Isaac Watts would be honored, too. Super work!
Delightful to read, and a springboard to worshiping our Creator.
I really liked your poem... especially this stanza:

Repeat the sounding joy
He knit you
Holds you
Helps you
Knows you

Thanks for writing.
Gladd you went with your inspiration and shared it with the rest of us. Now I'm back in the Christmas spirit -always a good place to be! Thank you...
Powerful and simple repetition that keeps on building. Thanks for acting on your inspiration.
Thank you for this powerful reminder of our Fathers numerous, magnificent attributes. It was a good place to focus my thoughts today.
Inspired and beautiful. How could it be any other?
The infectious joy in this poem drew me into praise as well! :)

You did a great job enumerating the various reasons we have for worshiping God with everything in us!

I thoroughly enJOYed this piece! :)
As soon as you wrote in the "throw a brick section" that it wasn't the season anymore but you couldn't get the line out of your head I knew what this was going to be, only I thought it was going to be in story form. We switched forms with each other sort of! (Great Minds...) This is beautiful Allison, I loved it! It just flowed from beginning to end. I think it could be a song in its own right. It was lovely from beginning to end and gave praise to our King on high! Thank you for writing this wonderful piece.
Exquisite. Memorable. How beautiful your MC is!