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Oh, nicely done! I enjoyed this entire well written and thought provoking piece.

Thanks! God bless~
Ha! Loved the characters and the lesson within. Good job!
A strong, challenge message coming through - without being laboured. Well done.

This could easily be adapted as a children's talk, without 'taxing' their patience.
Oh this is great! I have a brother named David too. But I didn't keep any tally marks against him. (Hahaha... My OTHER brother's name is Mark. :D)
Loved it! Felt like watching an episode of 7th Heaven.
This is a great illustration of the verse, and so perfect for the topic! I could see her with her notebook filled with hash marks. Everyone who grew up with a brother will be able to relate to this. Fun, endearing, and super message!
Lovely story of a sister and her brother. It never ends, for sure, until they grow up and learn to appreciate one another. I enjoyed this so much, and excellent writing!
Classic family feud. Loved it, especially the line 'Karen's moms radar shot up with her eyebrows'- well written enjoyable dialogue.
Let's hear it for moms. Or, maybe, tally one for them. Definitely on topic and delightful to read.
Spot on topic, delightful and engaging with a lesson learned. Great stuff.
I second Noel's comment that this could be made into a fun talk for kids. Maybe, instead of the storyteller providing the conclusion in a love telling, the storyteller could draw it out of the children? There could be some fun and profitable conclusuions.
I love this! A brilliant and challenging story with a strong message too. Great characters who quickly draw you into the plot. Excellent.
Loved this and great reminder for us all, of God's great forgiveness!
What a clever, well-written story--entertaining, but highly instructive, as well! :)

Your characterization of the 11-year-old girl and her frustration with a "big tease" of a brother was perfect! You really got inside the mind of a youngster and how they see things so literally at times! I loved your dialogue and the true-to-life ending! Great job! :)
Loved this. I could see the whole thing playing out. I think your characterization of all the players was spot on and easy to identify with their dilemmas - even David's : )
That the remembering of even one of the hash marks couldn't be brought to mind is priceless.
Congratulations for ranking 15 overall!
Love this!