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How entirely true - great encouragement - Ta da! God bless you.
Loved this! Great job with the topic and wonderful message tied up in this lovely entry.

God bless~
This one hit me where I live and breathe tonight. I was actually trying to decide which story to read before bed time and as soon as I saw your title, I knew... I feel like I am on a journey of 1,000 miles right now, I am struggling with feeling like I am loosing this battle with so many discouraging things going on in my life... Thank you for "picking me up" and "dusting me off" with this very light hearted yet serious piece about how "one small step" can be a "giant leap for man kind." Well, maybe not mankind exactly, but at least being able to be used by God to one's full potential. Your story made me feel peace and a hopefulness combined with God's special brand of warmth, all at the same time. Thank you for giving this weary girl exactly what she needed, her own "Ta da" moment to get her started!
This is one of those great pieces that comes along every once in a while to remind you of something you should already know, but, somehow, always seems so profoundly revelatory in the moment. As it is for me now. Thanks for sharing it with us!