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Powerful entry with important messages throughout the entire piece. I especially loved the last several lines. Well done.

And, thank you Jesus!

God Bless~
Lovely, beautiful, and very well said. I find it interesting that there is another entry covering the same scene, but from the perspective of Simon, the fisherman. I am enjoying placing these two pieces side by side in my head, the other, which presents the always imperfect human point of view, and this one, which presents Jesus's incomparable, divine point of view. Standing alone, this piece puts a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart, but again, I am enjoying swirling both pieces together in my head.
Love the atmosphere throughout and the positive challenge that you close with. Well done.
Simply lovely way to paint Jesus and His servant attitude!
I absolutely adored it.
I could see, feel and taste it all. You captured the sense of Jesus and His love. A very moving and profound piece of inspired writing.
I was thinking about your article last night, about the exquisite and unapologetic love it shows for Jesus. I am so happy this placed so well in the challenge. Congratulations on your EC!
Powerful, inspired writing. Congratulations.
Beautiful. I love the thought of the two meals with Jesus' closest friends'bookending' His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. Your ending of deep questions are both challenging and full of compassion . Thankyou Myrna, and many congratulations on your placing.
I loved savoring every facet of the half dozen or so pieces on John 21 (which is also the topic I chose).This was beautifully worded...i especially liked your sentence about the Eternal Majesty stooping down to pick up wood, build a fire, and cook a meal as a servant.
Congratulations on your placing!
Congrats on your EC!
God Bless~
I am so happy your beautiful entry placed in the EC! As I said before, it is a stunning piece of work.
Congratulations on this beautiful piece!
Very well written and thought provoking. I have always been fascinated by this beach breakfast scene. looks like it was a populare scene for this topic!
Congratulations Myrna! Good job!