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Wow. Wow. Wow! Nice use of the topic for sure. I love the no-nonsense angel. "Let's burn rubber." HeHe! :)

And the Salt Pillar was also quite clever.

Two thumbs up!
Just brilliant!

I really enjoyed the ride out of the dungeon!

Great job with this unique entry. Loved it!

God bless~
This is great. It's funny but I immediately distrusted the angel with the fiery red car who wanted to speed away; funny the stereotypes we read into characters, isn't it. Anyway, I am so pleased I was proven wrong, that the angel was indeed on the 'right team' and the MC was able to leave his/her cell.

The imagery was perfect, showing exactly how it feels when trying to outrun the dragons of our lives. Great job!
Great job! Congratulations!
Perfect choice for first place. :) Congratulations!
I love this. I need to read it every day. I think I will!
Congratulations! Good writing.
Sharing a FaithWriters Congratulatory Hug!

Wing His Words!
I’m more of a reader than a writer – though God has given/blessed me in with prose regarding His Great Commission. From a common “reader’s perspective” this work is more like a super-cool-summary from Peretti or Myers – eh? As a linguist/Wycliffe, I believe some adjectives to describe this w/b: true, unique, powerful, awesome, and yes: NEAT(o). This work truly blessed me.
Congratulations in placing first over all. Great writing.
WOW! Fantastic writing! Congratulations on placing 1st.
This is amazing on so many levels. Congratulations on a well-deserved Blue Ribbon :)