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I enjoyed this suspenceful story with a twist at the end. Very well-written.
Terrifying! I am so glad she was safe. Really well written and the suspense was kept the whole way through the piece.

Hmm, I should mention that I met my hubby on the net! My mother was terrified he was an 'axe murderer" as my brother so kindly pointed out usually hang around on line...trying to reassure her, I rolled my eyes and said, "He's not an axe murderer, he's a butcher!" Needless to say he's wonderful and we're very happily married!!

Anyway, I digress. A wonderful story and well written. Well done.
Great job with this. I am so happy the ending was a "good one." Nicely done.
God Bless~
I was very nervous for her! :) I'm so glad the story did not have a sad ending. As fantastic as the internet is, it can be a very scary place for kids, especially ones who believe they know better than their parents (which I'm afraid are most :))
Very well written...strong beginning and finishing and spot on the topic. And how timely for this current culture. Would be good to find a way to reach a teenage audience with this tale.
Out of all the entries I've read so far, this definitely wins the prize for best thriller. A well-deserved win all around.
Very good story. Great tension, nice flow, really well written. This is one of my favorites.