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Love overcoming fear. Beautiful poem. Shame comes in many forms and can keep us from real relationships, but love sets aside the "burqa," thinking others worthy of the sacrifice.
Such a beautiful poem! Isnt it a pity that some peoples insensitivity keeps others hiding in shame. When real beauty is inward and the ones that taunt would certainly be the losers in that area! So glad the MC in this poem let her inner beauty and love shine! Well Done!
Lovely - thanks for sharing this unique take on the topic.
We cause ourselves so much pain, because we often see only the worst of ourselves. I can relate to this writer, because there was a time in my youth when I thought my nose was ugly, so I tried never turning my profile to anyone. Do you have any idea how weird you appear to others when doing such a stupid thing. I've still got the same nose, but now I take a "like it or lump it" position, and I'm now okay with me! This writer discovered the same truth, and is much better because of it. Good job!
Congratulations on your HR Placment. God Bless~
Wow! Beautifully written. How different this world would be if all people took the time to look at the heart of each person they met instead of only the surface features. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and if this reflects your life, thank you for sharing a bit about yourself to encourage others who have a tough time facing the world because of some type of blemish in their lives.