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Rabbit Paradise. Great idea!
I loved all the names, Mopsy, Topsy, Lopsy, and Bopsy :) With all the anticipation and description of paradise I was really hoping they'd make it in. :) You didn't disappoint. What an entertaining story! :)
Awww...I loved this! Was so hoping that the bunnies would find a garden paradise. Yay them!
Delightful and endearing!

I laughed out loud at Grandpa's "Probably." I could just see that. :) :)

You made me wish (almost!) for a batch of bunnies in my garden. :)
So what kind of animal would think a chocolate factory was paradise? :)

Cute characterizations. Love the "voice".
Fun all the way through!
This is a delightful story. I can see it illustrated as a children's book!
Simply delicious!

I loved the verbs all through this piece!

I am not sure what "precious" means but it must somehow refer to this little gem.
A delightful read! Enjoyed the plot and the story thoroughly. I like how you included biblical truthsthe Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Fall, the banishment, and the angel guarding the Garden (Genesis 3:23-24). Excellent writing!
Nice touch reminiscent of Beatrix Potter. Very colorful images.