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Thoughts well worth pondering.
Thanks for letting us see and feel along with you on your walk. You bring out some good, gentle thoughts. I enjoyed this.
I liked your story a lot. Made me giggle. It's always good to laugh at yourself. The hero of your story is moving through life 'thinking'. That's part of his problem. Wouldn't he think, he'd be perfectly happy and ignorant... That's why ignorant people are happy. But it is much better to be of the 'thinking' type and to come to your hero's conclusions. :-) Great story and very good ending.
It's funny where our thoughts lead us as we walk or jog. Thanks for sharing your morning exercise route:)

I like the bit about the pregnancy box and stopping to think/care about someone else. Very nice.

Love the 'aha' with the squirrel and how it fits with your title.

"amble" didn't seem like the right word, since we're talking about exercise. :)

The start is very catchy and I love 'should-ing.' :)

Thank you for putting your musings into words for us. That is definitely an epiphany for us all---we aren't here to hide or escape, we are both laborers in the vinyard, and also Mary, who has chosen the best part, sitting at Jesus' feet to "rest awhile" in His presence. Your writing is simply delightful, I enjoyed reading.
like the style, like the mix of humour and serious threads... I found some of it a bit complex just because there were lots of things all jumbled up.... and i missed the was this fitted into the theme... mind you i was not totally clear on the meaning of the theme either.
as you are a master i hope you can take this with the warmheartedness with which it is being sent.... I am only a mere 2nd leveler so throw me out if you want......
"Paradise will have to wait. Apparently, there are things for me to learn right where I am." O Blessed thought! How true. If only it was as easily done as said.

I'm word sensitive.:)
"Squirrelly" has me scratching
a bit. You didn't quite hit the bull's eye as per topic, but there are multiple devotional nuggets here to chew on.
Excellent article! Your writing picked up pace as your morning walk picked up speed -- and as your mood lifted as well. I felt refreshed after reading. Wonderful, Kim. :)
This is great and has a real ring of 'this really happened' about it. How often God uses His creation, some small insignificant little thing, to speak to our hearts and souls and set us back on track. A wonderful story. Congrats on your well deserved placing.
Obviously, I "missed the mark" when it came to the Judge's opinion.:-) Congratulations!
I totally can see you having this conversation on a morning walk. Great thought processing time...and writing material, too. :)

Congratulations on your EC!
This was a fun read, as well as an inspiring one, and, obviously a winning one! Congratulations.
Huge Congrats on this thought provoking piece, Kathryn!
What a great message! You get your point across in a most wonderful way. Congrats on your EC!!