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A poet who pens this beautifully is doing much more than just taking up space! May God give you grace to ease your pain, strength for every day, and calmness in the knowledge that He cares for you beyond what you can imagine. And may He continue to help you to write more wonderful poems to honor him.
This peom is such a blessing. So often our priorities are so wrong. We want to be God's tool and most of the time we'd like to be self-automated without his igniting hand. It is very hard to understand fully that it is the closeness to our Lord Jesus and our glad union with him that make the difference. We have nothing to gain because God's gift was given to us completely once we entered into that union with him in the first place. But we can come closer to Jesus every day. It is God relating to us in love rather than us relating to God with deeds. This poem points the way. Wonderful.
Wow! I can so relate. Nicely written, like you saw into my heart and wrote what I wasn't able to ever put onto paper so eloquently.
No matter where it may place your poetic message ministered to my soul.

Thank you.

Tender and lovely.
This was hard to read and yet I have read it several times. It speaks.

Raw. Honest. Humbling. Everyone can relate to this on some level.

Beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing.
Whether we realize it yet, or not yet, we're all on this wilderness journey, this side of Paradise. Some of us are young and strong enough to still labor in the vinyard. The rest have been called to "come away and rest awhile" so the Lord can just enjoy our company! Your poetry vividly portrays the heart of one caught between the two (not unlike Mary and Martha!). You have a poet's heart!
I like how the hope invades the frustration that can build up on this side of Paradise. Well done.
Heart provoking, spirit seeking. Loved it..."If we could see beyond today, as God can see..."