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Ahhhh...this is a wonderful love story. I like your title, too:) You have great descriptions of the park.
Heart-warming and hope-filled! I love the comparison of your title with the buffalo you mention. I enjoy reading this and following their journey.
Enjoyed the delightful story and the setting. Because you asked, this caused a stumble for me: in the first sentence, why would a well trained desk clerk ask how long they would be staying knowing they had reservations for four days? The rooms at the park inn require advance booking, I think. Mike's assumption that their stay could be extended seems unrealistic. When Mike answered and said, "...we aren't sure yet...", deleting "yet" improves the sentences readability. Hooray, for a happy ending and a story that readers can relate to.

I'm a sucker for romantic stories and God's gorgeous creation--so two thumbs up from me on this one. My husband and I hope to get to Yellowstone some day. Your descriptions make me want it sooner rather than later. So glad this had a happy ending.
Your descriptions are lovely. I felt as if some of the detail could have been sacrificed for a bit more character development and conflict. Great topic for this prompt.