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Wow. Masterfully done.
A compelling read from beginning to end. Outstanding writing.
She was indeed a countess to the end. Such a horrible time in history.
This wonderfully written story gripped my heart and would not turn loose. It seemed so real.
You have beautiful characterization of this regal lady. This is poignant and touching. Excellent!!
I think W-O-W pretty much covers it!
Your writing never fails to leave me touched. Exquisite details!
Masterful account. This sure goes to #1 on my list. The countess and the MC's retelling of the story are priceless.
Powerful, poignant and gripping story of an excruciatingly painful part of human history. You told it with exquisite reality and love. Congratulations.
Everything about this stirred me--the bravery of the Countess, and the way she tried to lift the morale of her fellow prisoners--the tender telling by the MC of the departure of the Countess, and your last sentence had me hurting for all those who suffered such tortures during this horrific time in history. I expect to find this with the winners.
What can I say about this that hasn't already been said? Your writing is inspirational. The characters and their tales are the kind that linger in the mind; and this is one of the most powerful tales I've read. I don't normally say this, but I really do believe this deserves to be highly rated. Magnificent!
great story.I love the way you end it. It is inevitable but your message that she will be truly going to that beautiful place that up until no had only been in her mind and imagination brings an added richness to the piece.
The countess denial was her defence mechanism against the horror of her present reality.
again a original use of the whole check out theme with the idea of arriving and leaving a hotel
This is truly masterful in its scope. The dignity of the countess' constant denial recalled two extremes for me: Firstly the black humour of an old Robin Williams movie "Jakob the Liar;"
Secondly the dignity of Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist whose life-changing Logotherapy was born in his experience of being stripped naked to be registered as a captive at Auschwitz.
Thank you for relating beauty against the degradation of a shameful period of history.
You are an impeccable writer and each time you pen a piece the words you choose flow like a refreshing stream truly quenching our thirsty minds and hearts. Bravo! Well done. It's been said before so I can't really add much Ann but say thank you for sharing your gift from the Lord with us. God bless you richly! Congrats on your win.:)
yes and so it should be ....congratulations masterful awesome ... inspiring top of the tops 1st place
I thought this was just wonderful when I read it - a really well deserved win. Many congratulations.
This is such a compelling piece, spanning the spectrum of the different shades of humanity. You took us masterfully back to a hideous time and showed us grace amidst the horror. I thank you too for sharing the gift of your writing. Congratulations and SO very well done!

Congratulations Ann,

It really deserved to win 1st place on the EC award.
Ann, what I continue to admire about your writing is how you always offer the reader a life-experience story, a life-changing story.
You are a superb story-teller.
You were able to take a simple subject, checkout, and weave the most amazing tale. I envy you your skill.

Absolutely beautiful!
How do you do it? You should teach a writing course. Excellent work. Congratulations on your EC! (I have a feeling you'll keep your crown)
I couldn't stop reading! I love how this made me see myself as Irena, conducting myself from Heavenly Places as I struggle through this life on earth. I also love how it challenged me to do it with the grace and consistency of The Countess. Thank you, I feel entertained, enlightened and like I've just been to church! Great Job
The details are wonderful. Masterful writing. This story makes me want to know more about her past.