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Hearbreaking story, beautifully written. My husband, born in Nebraska, remembers the dust bowl and the poverty of those years. Trials produce wisdom, however. Don is super smart with money and has never been in debt to anyone, PTL. When others are in need, we will always be able to share the blessings that arose from his frugality. God bless you for writing this.
The vivid descriptions of loss throughout this sad historical piece certainly tugged at my heartstrings. Perfect title for this page from history.
This exceedingly well written story cleverly parallels the loss of possessions that sell out, as well as a friend who sells out.
What a sad time in history. It somewhat parallels what is happening today.

I optimistically hope that the two friends are united in the days ahead. Maybe, he will surprise his friend by returning some of the money.
Wonderful writing for such a heartbreaking story.
This is just so good. All your descriptions, the relationships, everything. This is what story telling is supposed to be. Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Hauntingly beautiful and absolutely perfect as a sellout story. My favorite line is: "Remnants of hopeful dreams that hadnt been fulfilled, like the phantom rain that had never fallen."

My heart broke for the family who lost all their belongings as well as their closest friends. But it was clear that they would rely on God to provide, and trust that maybe He would cause seeds of forgiveness to sprout one day.

Congrats on another amazing win! You are inspiring.

Congratulations on this well deserved win! Your descriptive phrases told a truly emotional story. Well done indeed!
A touching story so tenderly written. My grandparents lived through the dust bowl years, and I recall wondering as a child why they dumped the remaining ice from tea glasses into the sink, where they washed it and returned it to the freezer. Frugality was ingrained by hardship. Congratulations for making this story so personally intimate that it sent genuine chills up my spine. A well, so well, deserved top honor!
Nice job! Very painful setting. Many of us can relate to this facing foreclosure or probate over unpaid nursing home bills. Very heartrending! But there is hope in the Lord and His ways are not ours. Thanks for writing this Anne. God bless you dear!