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What fun! I know exactly what hats you're mentioning from the royal wedding! A favorite line was about storing the hats "in the catacomb?" :) This is great!
I agree, even as a true Brit, I agree! Fantastic poem, written in memory of 29th April?
Yes, as another true Brit I agree. This was a fun read!
A very fun read. I too know of which hats you speak. I am not a Brit, but I do enjoy to watch all the pomp and circumstance.
Hilarious! What amused me (re: Wills & Kate) was listening to the commentators lauding two such items of headdress (whereas I was thinking the girls' stylist should be sent far, far away!). Thanks for the laugh :-))
Thanks for the fun you have shared with us, but don't let it go to your head!!!
This was fun. I liked the image of the catacomb of fancy hats. I also enjoyed the ending Ė itís easy to condemn that which is different (and, sometimes, in our way). Itís much better to celebrate it. Well written!
Fabulous fun!! I am so glad this placed so many others can read it and smile. Great stuff! I'm going to read it again. :)
Oh, I like this, Carol! Great job and congratulations on placing in EC!
Carol, Your muse came through for you. Great poem on a contemporary subject. Original, fun and worthy of
praise. Congratulations!!
Carol, how wonderful to see this fun outlandish :) poem recognized as an editor's choice entry! Super congrats!

My hat is definitely off to you! Congratulations on making the top ten EC awards.

I am so happy it made it. It is fresh and contemporary.
This is wonderful and creative! Congratulations! I love the word choices and images.