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What a chilling and sad story. The first paragraph begins the story calmly almost like a travel brochure. Then good build up of tension with the background on the storm leading to the boulder. Some great descriptive phrases such as splintering its oily timbers like weathered bones Watch out for typos ie: boarder should be border; utters should be udders, if you meant like from a cow. I liked that phrase too. Am familiar with the Puget Sound area & could picture it. Dont recall hearing that this really happened. Sure hope not. Deception Pass used to terrify me when we'd drive to visit relatives in Oak Harbor.
This is brilliant writing and had me holding my breath. I too really hope it is not true. Incredible descriptions - once I started reading, I could not stop. Thankyou.
Loved this--wonderful writing evoking emotion.
Chilling and excellent. There are a few typos, but the story is superb. Well done.
absolutely poignant...and beautiful as always.
Well written and very good descriptions. What a terrible tragedy for the MCs.

I also noticed some typos, the title, for instance. However, these small mistakes did not distract me from a well told story.
A few minutes, either way, can changes our lives. For better or for tragedy. Clearly on topic, and enjoyable, although sad.
Excuse my own typos: *change*
I ditto others on the typos, but also ditto on the story line and the good fit for the topic. Life can change forever in a split excellent reminder, as I was expecting some moment of joyful reunion rather than tragedy.