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I felt sad for both characters. You did a great job creating a feeling of the time period with your beautiful descriptions.
It's true we too often think we will begin to live when..........
This story was packed with great descriptive images. The patience of the lady deserves a medal, and unfortunately the MC had his priorities a bit out of line. Your title was perfect and I truly enjoyed the read.
As usual, your spare style reveals so much more than what is said. Lovely and so sad.
Not once did you say "time-consuming," but you illustrated it in every sentence of your wonderful story.
Beautiful and tremendously sad. I always love your pieces, and this one is no exception. Such a lesson learned "the hard way."
I love the way you frame the story, beginning and ending with "hindsight." You also did a good job of giving each person voice, showing both sides of the story. Reading it was well worth the time that it consumed from me. :)
Oh wow, I think I knew that wasn't going to end well, but I kept hoping that he would see what was inevitably going to happen. This is so very well written and captured my attention the whole way through to the end.
This is such excellent writing on so many fronts--capturing the period, creating memorable characters, and sprinkling wisdom and truth throughout.
call me crazy, but I love a good sad story :)

aside from some really minor tweaking (really minor) I think this is superb.

and it really does read like an example of two love languages not understanding each other.

I think if this were stretched over a novel it'd be quite yummy indeed.

well done!
Congratulations are in order for a wonderfully crafted story...a well deserved first place.
This is so beautiful, and sweet, and sad all woven together into a perfect entry. Big congratulations on your very well-deserved Editor's Choice!
Excellent as always! Congrats on your win!
It's just exquisite! I'm a great Western movie fan and I can see this played out so beautifully in an intense, romantic TV movie.

Shall I get in touch with my contacts in Hollywood? LOL
This amazing entry truly pierces to the heart. Congratulations on another well deserved winnner!
My heart broke for both of these lovers. The detail in this story gave the feeling of much time passing in such a compelling way. Congratulations! So well deserved.
I could read your pieces all day long Ann. This was truly a heart-breaker. What a lesson so creatively toiled as did the young man through the years. But while the gentleman wasted time working too long without his wife to be, for their future, your words proved to create a finely crafted story that embraced me. Ann we're here to stay, reading your beautiful writings. Write on dear.