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WOW! This is awesome!I am going to try that next time I go to the dentist.

I am a big fan of Indianna Jones and saw the parody from the start, but did not see the ending coming.

(I was waiting for the snakes to come in somewhere)
Absolutely loved this. How very creative! You had to me entranced to the very end.
Hilarious—wish I could be as creative in the dentist's chair!
Why did denture warn me about the twist at the end? Fangs for nothing!
But seriously I loved it for the imagery and wry sense of suspense. This would make a great children's story, though I don't know if the AMA (or ADA) would ever use it as propaganda. Brilliant stuff.
Funny, funny, funny! It was fabulous from the very beginning, but then the end had such a fantastic twist. I want to read more!
Great little story. I agree with Sarah. The twist at the end was very entertaining.
Ha! Very entertaining and clever. The ending didn't take me by complete surprise but I enjoyed it just the same. I like reading a story I wouldn't have thought of in a million years. Great job.
This gets an extra-credit score for creativity! Very fun to read! :-)
I loved this short story! Imaginative and clever.
Very, very nice job. You deserve big time kudos for this one! I should show this to my dentist!
This was just too fun. Well done!
Josh, your writing amazes (and amuses) me. I hope nothing ever stops you from sharing your wonderful humor with us.