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This reads like a Shakespearean sonnet - very nicely done. Love the ending.. classical twist. Great entry!
Positively delightful.
I don't know but to me the word Broadband didn't sit comfortably with either the rhythm or the tone of the poetry.
That aside, I loved the sheer imagination and romance.
Your eloquence and use of the language amazes me. Your words flow with the gracefulness of the Masters of the past, and yet I enjoyed discovering the references to modern technology in this, "tweets," "cyber," and "Droid" etc, Move over Shakespeare, there's a new "kid" on the block. :)
So clever! I chuckled when I tried to read the last line aloud. You do have a way with words!
I'm afraid I had to read this twice before I realized who was doing the talking. After that I really enjoyed it. I like how you modernized this sonnet. Great job!
Your lovely sonnet reads well both ways. :) Nice job on the topic.
Beautifully written. In my Level One opinion, I think you were very much on topic!
I love work that makes me think, and this made me think. Possibly I'm reading too much into it, however. Could there be a lesson here - regarding true love. It judges not, nor would it be judged. I think your MC (once he turns the corner of that street he's on) will discover this.
Oh, this is excellent. Henry, I greatly respect your poetic talent, and you consistently provide wonderful entries for us. Well done!
Wow there is so much said in these few lyrical words. Well done you are a master poet.
Congratulations for placing 8th in level 4 and 12th overall!
I really enjoy reading your work!