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Ha Ha Ha! I love the loving banter between the parents. Great job with a delicate subject!
I love your title in relation to your story. The conversation between the husband and wife was so entertaining. I could see it all! :) LOL! and then came the unexpected, yet true-to-character actions of Mandy in your ending! Love this!
This was delightful! Love your title, too!
This brought back some unforgettable memories/moments in our household. Great job!
This is the 'ultimate' conversation, for sure:) Hilarious and I love the ending. lol. Kids! Who can figure them out? :)
So cute and entertaining--I also enjoyed the back-and-forth between parents. And the ending brought a smile to my face. Good job.
This was great to read I love the ending. I know many parents get freaked out by The Talk. I've always found it should be a lifetime conversation answering questions honestly and being open about your viewpoint. Your story showed what so many parents go through. You did a great job. I loved picturing the potatoes flying across the room. Well done!
Hehehe I love this. I just hope that whoever got those apples washed them first. o.O
Allison, you made me laugh. lol.
Ahhh, tomorrow will come on cat's paw feet -- and Mom will be ready. Great entry.
Loved the parental dialogue! Entertaining and a great take on this week's topic! the way through, and especially at the end.
Congratulations on your excellent placing!!!
So much fun to read, must have been even more fun to write! Congrats on a deserved win...
OUTSTANDING! From apples to potatoes, a fun touch on a touchy topic. Congratulations on 1st place!!
This was awesome! Congrats on your placing!
Way to go! This is sooooo great. And sooooo way beyond my capabilities. I'll just bask in your sunshine.
Mari, super congrats on your Editor's Choice ribbon! You are amazing. :)
very, very well written. Sincere congrats on your placement. You are extremely talented.
Congratulations on your EC! I loved the ending. :)
This tickled my funny bone. Great dialogue kept me interested until the end. Congratulations.
Hah! I didn't see that ending coming AT ALL! Congrats on your EC :)
Love, love, LOVE it! Too funny!
Great stuff! Thanks for a fun read and a good laugh! Now if I can just get the picture of Ted with the apples out of my head...hee hee!
Really awesome writing. Loved everything about this. Congratulations!
Your piece sure tells the truth about a tween's life. It is challenging to know what he or she is really saying.