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I love this edgy, off-the-wall entry. Very creative piece of work. Inserting snaps here...see?
You lured me into the moment with this poignant piece.. (and I willingly went).. I LOVED the coffee shop atmosphere and could smell the "Sumatra-aroma"… I could hear the slightly off-kilter jazz beat with bongo's and the piano chords [LOVE jazz music!!] Then a superb analogy… a love child/manuscript… it's perfect! Your "Mad skills" jumped off the page :) .. I laughed at the leg comparison "black-aproned 'nice' legs/if I shaved them they'd be better. Nah" LOL!

Your writing is so smooth... smooth like jazz… You have "smooth Jazz skills" here! I LOVE everything about this!
This certainly reads like a hommage to Kerouac. Not at all my genre of choice but I admire the way you developed the setting, particularly the jazz ensemble. How is anyone THIS creative?!!
This was just superb. I felt like I was there, could hear the jazz, smell the coffee. I, too, give my snaps.
WOW! Creative and Sharp. Your cup overfloweth with TALENT.