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Loved the last stanza! The words you chose, I thought, gave the poem an enjoyable rhythm. Your poem had a fun take on the topic.
I'd have to agree that my worst editor is the one inside me. It is indeed merciless! "Characters flat as cardboard. The story should just be scraped. None of the word choices made sense." When I read the end I had to smile at all the harsh critiques given because they are things my inner editor says.
A very good read!
I completely agree. A wonderful read. All thoughout I thought, "Wow! This editor is truly HARSH!" and then I came to the last stanza and could relate. My inner editor is DEFINITELY that harsh, haha. Great, great job.
Did you tape my inner editor to write this? Oh wait, my inner editor doesn't speak in rhyme. :) Amazing work!
Every writer has a merciless editor in him/herself and you have portrayed this so well. As is commonly said, I am my own worst critic and you obviously are too.
Almost missed this fun entry because I am not such a fan of poetry but I am glad I read this.
Charming poem...and to the point! nicely done
Exceptionally nice read! This is a sad poem from a writer's viewpoint—the total rejection of one's manuscript! That's probably why as writers we tend to be our own worst critic, just in order not to face the same kind of response by an editor you've described.
Verna, I LOVE your "merciless editor"... this made me smile "real big".. :) Clever and creative! Super congrats on your level placing and Editor's Choice award!!
This was a winner for sure. Loved it, Verna!
Congrats Verna on a job well done.
Congratulations Verna! This was a great read and the clever last stanza made it even greater. Really enjoyed it!