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A wonderfully well-written essay. Two words: Introspective. Poignant. And a third: Beautiful.

My favorite lines:

"Abuse being my muse, I took my fate and set it to a rhythm, a meter, a cadence."

"I watched in silent anguish as years of outpourings, heart cries and dreams, spiraled up and dissolved into ash as the flames of the matchstick devoured the ink in a hungry anger."

"Healing brought inspiration and inspiration gripped the pen."

How horrible is in when one person takes control over another and how empowering when breakout comes, in more ways than one.

(Odes=plural. Ode's=possessive)
When I finished this inspiring entry, a scripture verse came to mind: With God all things are possible.
Thanks for sharing.
Poignant, understated and simply beautiful - reminds me of the theme behind Maya Angelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
Heart-rending and absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully written - Glorifies the God of Miracles! Thankyou
I was just perusing articles to figure out whether a tab can be translated into html and I clicked onto your article. I had to say "Wow!" and "Beautiful!" and "Really touched me" even though I haven't experienced such abuse. Thanks for giving Jesus such glory -- I think that's what stunned me the most.
Moving. Painfully introspective. Lovely.