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I'm reading layers of meaning in this. The hidden vice on a purely everyday level. Then the deeper meaning of censorship where brave writers pen words that reveal the truth to those who did not know.
Excellent piece.
Very well done, and thought-provoking. You do use words well.
This poem with it's mystery, is perfect in rhyme and meter. Excellent!
I too enjoyed the sense of mystery. I would have liked to know whether there was some deeper purpose behind the private writing, so as to help put everything into a clearer context. But I suspect you rather enjoyed the ambiguity you created. Thanks.
Your poem was quite a mystery and a very interesting one at that. Thank you for being so thought provoking about your vice.
It helped to know the background story. Thanks for giving the details in the Forum. Very nicely done.
Excellently written, leaving the reader with much to think about...and pray.
I enjoyed this immensely... and even knowing your chosen background, realize that we could live secret lives one day. Thought-provoking.
Oh, I loved the intrigue in this, the flow and the thought provoking depth behind the words.
Congrats Melanie! Well done and very intriguing
Melanie, this is so rich and filled with many levels. Almost like a painting that has to be viewed a layer at a time.
Just splendid. Professional.

Congrats on an excellent piece! Without reading the background, I related to this because of my story. For years I wrote painful stories, poems, and journal entries that I had to destroy. Wonderfully expressed.
I love the passion to write the truth no matter the circumstances or the consequences. Wonderful on every level. I long to know more but then a writer needn't tell all - let the reader imagine as you did. Outstandingly written and very, very well deserving of 1st place EC over all!
Congratulations on 1st place, Melanie. I loved the 'gritty' feel you created with your words and rythme. Wonderful!