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I plan on coming back to re-read this because there is much to ponder. You tell this with such warm humor and deep sorrow woven together that it almost feels like two different writers, yet, like two different pieces of fabric in a quilt, put there by the same seamstress, it works. I really really liked this. I'll be back.
Woven between these words is a grief that is very deep. One that is so raw that the truth of it can never be fully revealed; even after 20 years.

The writer finds moments of relief by disguising the grief in many other stories. Finding rest for a little while. At least until some other "trigger" stirs up the pain once again.

This is writing that leaves a lingering sorrow in the reader. There is no bow tying it up into a neat, happy package.

Very profound. Very well written. Incredible.
There is so much emotion, depth, masterful description and characterization here. This is so very good!
Very well-written piece. Love how you sandwiched it together, beginning, middle and end. (I'm sure there's a word for that). Great descriptions, detail and emotion. Good job!
Great descriptions and narration throughout your article. I've missed understanding the main point of the entire story. I truly would like to try to dig deeper into what you've written. If I've appeared calloused about your real grief for the loss, please forgive me. Thank you for your patience with a simple reader like me. God bless you.
Michele, once again you have completely awed me. I have nothing else to add. Heartbreakingly lovely.
Oh Chely... some things never truly leave us and yet we learn how to deal with it, to process, ponder and allow others to do the same.
Very emotionally real. Thank you. My father died last year I'm still getting over it.
Wow! As usual, I'm swept away by your writing gift. Your writing is so deep, it took me a second read to grasp all the nuances of your own remembered grief.
Your humor is such a vivid contrast to the real "meat" of your story, it almost leads the reader astray. Then it makes the grief even more poignant.
You've captured a piece of me in every single thought. The humorous and the dread. This took me on several journey's right beside the MC. Very nicely done!
I love how you so fully shared a day in the life of...It was a journey that made me smile, brought too vivid pictures of the dressing room scene, and finally broke my heart. I too hate going to funerals for the same reason. It brings back that pain that I try to tuck away so I can make it through one day at a time. Thank you for sharing.