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So, flies really do have a purpose. I was in the room, just a fly on the wall, as I read this great take on the subject.
Good job.

That poor mean, what a sick...well, that won't work either.

I clicked on it for the title and the story was pretty interesting--definitely wince-worthy, but not bad overall. I had to laugh at the way the flies went on and I'm surprised the FMC didn't just grab a flyswatter and stalk 'em...but then again, they gave her a wonderful idea...heehee, thanks for sharing!
I liked it, and like my former commenters struggling to contain my own puns (poor ones in my case). Thought it was quite original and funny although I wasn't that crazy about the vomit bit, I can see how Ickypoo and Sicko liked it though :-).

I guess what they say is true...everybody's a critic...even the wall flies!
Got share some irony...I'm burping the baby while reading to the vomit line and he made a sound that made me push away the laptop...timing couldn't have been planned better. You gave me lots to laugh about.
Thanks, enjoyed the chuckles and visuals you drew with your words!
Loved the title--certainly got my attention!

Also really liked the convo between the flies. Didn't know they have a sense of humor, sick as it is.

Really cute take on the topic and definitely original.
My first thought after reading this confirmed that I need not feel guilty for swatting a fly, it only shortens their life by a few hours. :) But then, when I reached the end, I wanted to go look behind the pictures on our wall. :) Fun read!
I have to critics are probably the most original ones this week! :-)