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Amen. We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus. Lovely poem and nice place to start this level, as we seek to please our dear "Master" in heaven.
AMEN and so true!
I find your message profound… I love your phrases and thoughts "When He examines chapters Of my living composition." and "I know He'll notice paragraphs That wander from the theme…" I enjoyed your creativity by gracing this poem with a writer's terminology, "manuscript, chapters, composition, paragraphs" etc. There is much to consider here!
'My lines are His by grace possessed' is such a wonderful line. This entry is rich, deep and very special.

This is rich with a personal and powerful depth that conveys what every writer AND reader should feel.
I love extended metaphors like this--every stanza had me nodding in recognition of myself, both as a writer and as a Christian.
Captivating thoughts! You've done it once again!
Enjoyed the metaphor very much... and the reminder that we are HIS workmanship, and it's only our standing in HIM that matters.
Enjoyed this very much and like Jan, found myself nodding in agreement and understanding. Well done, beautifully written.
Beautiful! I love the last two lines of the second verse--that no matter what actions, He will understand my heart. I love this! Creative to have the life as the manuscript and beautifully crafted! ^_^
This was lovely and so touching. My hat is off!
Something for me to aspire to both in thought and writing ability. Thanks.
I’m fearful in my folio
He’ll find some bad omissions
And jot down what it is I’ve left undone,
With notices of places to rewrite.

Wow! Verna, you really hit home with this entire poem but these lines really got me.
Nice angle of the critic/critique...but isn't grace an awesome thing. Pardoned and forgiven indeed. God uses white out!
Omissions and inconsistencies of paragraphs wandering from pages of our lives—all these God has blotted out through the power of Jesus' blood! Such powerful message of forgiveness and God's grace! You have put across the message all of us need to know as wanderers of this world very well! God bless!
Martin Luther, I'm told, could see sermon analogies everywhere he looked. Comparing one's life to a manuscript is quite Scriptural, since our Creator, Redeemer and Comforter is AUTHOR and Finisher of our faith! Once again a deep-thinking and so clever poem for us to ponder.