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I believe I've met Sherman and Betsy somewhere... Super rich characters, lovable and hilarious!
I love these two characters. They are hilarious and very much in love. You made it so funny and then you wallop us at the end with serious. Great job!
Love this!
Love this slice of Sherman and Betsy's life. Realistic and dynamic dialog, believable and lovable characters, and a relevant situation. Not sure how "on topic" you are - but this is a tough week.

Great ending! I'm glad he was convinced to go to "her" church with her.

("Laughter leakage". snicker.)
Ha, Ha. Love these two characters. Great dialog.
I think it's "on-topic" although I can see where some might think it hits the topic rather obliquely. But in my opinion, the topic doesn't need to hit us over the head to be there. It's a great story; not only entertaining, but carries that needed punch. Good job!
I know, I'm being redundant, but these two are GREAT characters. You did a wonderful job of bringing them to life.

Oh, and I think it is totally ON topic because the peace treaty that got signed was threaded throughout.
Amazing characterization! I felt as if I knew these two myself. Sometimes it felt as if the topic was a side note compared to the powerful characters, but I think it's in there and used well.
Can't be said enough: I really liked your characters. They've really got...hmmm...character. LOL
I love this couple, their banter, and the fact that they're getting older and enjoying it! :) Your descriptions are LOL funny! I totally enjoyed being in their moment!
I felt as though I was right there in the room with Sherman and Betsey! Wonderful descriptions of the characters! Loved this!
interesting story! i liked the knitting needles.
Voice was spot-on, characters were perfect, and I loved the humorous way you presented the message.
I loved the characters, it seemed so realistic. Keep writing. I enjoyed it.
The end is near! I hope Sherman dumps out his beer and embraces his wife's Savior pretty soon. And the end sentence gave hope that he would. :)

I like how you show the end-times treaty signing taking place on television and the discussion that takes place over it. I imagine something like that will happen one of these days. There's bound to be some Shermans and Betsys that'll quibble over knitting needles and channel serfing when the time comes too. ;)
The start of this piece was so funny, and what an impact at the end! I think its right on topic IMHO
A particularly good read that did not "smother" the topic but worked it into the fabric of the story.
Yes, I agree the characters are so enjoyable. I can see that recliner. There's one like it in my house, it's Bill's.

Great writing! Love it!
Interesting couple! I'll try to remember when I reach that age to have some fun talk such as those mentioned in your story. Itll certainly help to keep out the frustrations of politics. I like your story. Theres so much truth in it. Where oh where shall we find peace unless we have the Lord!
Mari, Mari, I love your writing! This gave me a well-needed laugh right before bed. Thank you. I could see this couple vividly, actually sounds a bit like a couple of people I know. One of them stares back at me in the mirror. :)