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This is so creative! SUPER job showing the time period, and the most of the jargon was easy to figure out by the context. The "wow" took me by surprise. :) I predict you do well with this entry!
This was great fun to read. Wonderfully creative!
This story was very funny, it really kept me entertained! God bless
I love the way you handled the period. Loads of fun and daring here
So fun! Who can resist that title??
I love Freddy especially. I'm still smiling. Just fun, fun, fun and such a creative idea, too. Good job!
Fun had the slang down perfectly.
Now I really, really liked this. Very entertaining. Enjoyed every word, especially the words that make me feel young:)
Great job, thumbs up. God bless.
This was so different and fun. Enjoyed it! Thanks for defining the slang...I was lost on most of these :)
I LOVE your title! This is incredibly creative. I was transported back to that day and couldn't help comparing it to today. Love this!
It has to age me that I knew what everything meant, without the glossary. A VERY fun read!!!
A good ending to a fun story!
Loved the atmosphere. I felt as if the slang overpowered the characters in a few places, but it was a great, creative take on the prompt. Wonderful!