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Sorry, meant to say more than just WOW, although that sure sums up how this impacted me.

You captured the scenes so perfectly with your descriptions!

The fear in your heart is vividly portrayed as well. I love how you wrap this all up with the Daniel reference.

All the makings of a great devotional. thank you for this encouraging read sistah!
Oh my gosh, I remember that fire! Since I was in Brea when it broke out, and needed to return to Chino. I was scared just trying to get back home!I could see all your descriptions and it was like reliving that experience again!
Well, I can say two things.
This story must be real. I know that part of the 91.
Also, we must be neighbors. :D
I grew up in Orange County. I'm a partial reader of your article. Love it!
I remember that move. I was sorry I couldn't help but Dave was glad I hadn't offered because of my sensitivity to smoke. You painted a good picture here but let's hope after March of 2010 your next move is with the rest of us who leave it all behind for our completely furnished paid for Mansion.