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You have drawn a credible, comprehensive portrait of pain, betrayed trust and the frustrated grace of friends who wish to help. I hope it's fictional for your sake.
very tragic, so sad it's a true story. my mom and I had a discussion yesterday about how people in today's society seem bent on justifying their sins. yes, God can bring beauty from our ashes, but there is a process of grief, of true's not something that will just go away. I hope writing this story helped you deal with your own hurt in this. *hugs*
I could feel Marion's heartbreak and anguish...for the named and unnamed victims of his abuse, and for the loss of her friendship with Betty. Very powerful writing.
So often people want to hide behind ignorance and deny what is happening. It's hard to face the consequences of things like this. This story is so emotional. I feel for the MC, but I applaud the courage it took to go through that.
Oh, what a sad, sad story! I'm so sorry you've had to go through that, and for all the people involved! Hopefully Betty will realize, ultimately, that you were a true friend, despite her denial right now. The "unfriending" framed the story very effectively. Thanks for sharing this difficult but very well-written personal experience.
What a sad, sad story. All you have left to do is pray and know that you have, indeed, been a friend. Aren't you glad the Lord never "unfriends" us?
It must have taken great courage to do what you did, and courage again to put it in writing. Thank you for writing this. God bless you for being a true friend to Betty, and for standing up for Gail and others like her. I shudder to think what might have become of Gail if you hadn't pressed the matter.
A well-written piece. It is a valuable, though disheartening, "Ohhh" moment with a realistic unfolding of how people respond to such an "Ohhh". The only "red pen" thing I would offer is to lose a little of the "sleepovers, kids he was exposed to" part because you mentioned it at the start w/ the active in church, vbs, bus driver, etc. So the reader knows it. But in all, I think it was well done.
Wow....that one word "unfriended" just put the punctuation on this piece. I am so sad to read the loss and the hurt. You described it in a way that made me feel the pain. I hope that healing comes and soon.
Ohh, I don't like confronting a friend! This story made me uncomfortable on so many levels, which means you've done your job as a writer very well. :) This must have been so hard to write - kudos to you my friend. Well done.