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Interesting concept, and I like that you leave the reader with a big question at the end. For a brief moment, it was refreshing to be lost in your world of a colorful population--where color truly didn't matter. If only...
Fascinating idea and you did a great job of packaging it. Well done.
Wow! Truly a wonderful concept in this stunning story. I enjoyed this immensely. You are a master!
Wow--imagination gone wild!
I loved this--had me caught up all the way through. Especially the song "Me & You in Every Hue". Really terrific.
I loved this idea! I want to see a whole book in a world set like cool :)
Great Job!
Lots to think about here. A message presented through a wonderfully creative story.
Oh, oh, oh! Uber cool concept, and so perfectly executed. I always love your Sci-fi entries!
Way out of the box -- wonderfully so! There is a great message here.
Out of the crayon box! So fun to read! If only this were real ....
I enjoyed's beautiful. See how fast the story the speed of light. Prosaic mastery.
I enjoyed the story and the message. Too bad it is only a fictional tale. Maybe one day all colors will be equally appreciated.
Now this is creative. I might have to start eating more chocolate. Enjoyed every inch and loved the message that trailed along with it. Thanks for the smiles and creating a new rainbow coalition.
Extraordinary work Jan. This would be a fun novella, with a great message on the idiocy of bigotry and prejudice. I really appreciated that you found space to come full circle in the story as well. Loved it!
Very interesting concept of how the world cope with this mix up of skin colour - I suppose no better than when God made all speech different at Babel.
Very interesting though. Colin
way, way, way out of the box! has to be a series in prime color(s).
Such a fascinating concept - there is a book in this idea - a Christian fantasy -- and you are such a gifted sentence stylist.
Very cool idea. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the ending, but I haven't had time to digest it yet. I just love the idea of a truly multi-colored world and the ramifications, and maybe that's why I don't like that babies started being born "normal colored" again..? I like the voice too - I can almost hear someone like Paul Harvey reading it, except we don't know the rest of the story. :)
A very amusing story and an interesting read. I like the way the story is written in a news reporting style from a journalistic angle. It is so true how things can be seen so differently if there are no prejudices of color. If everyone can see each other as beings made in the image of God regardless of color, things could have been a lot different and great things could have been achieved with new breakthroughs.
Hehe! I love this idea! And wouldn't God have just such a sense of humor. Great, great writing of course. Congratulations on your very well deserved EC!
Excellent speculative fiction. Loved the idea and well written and implemented. Would make the good basis of a novel.
Maybe just a tiny bit more conflict would have been good. The color thing played out between two characters with one being a racist, but maybe that would be too cliche. Who knows. Congratulations on your wonderful entry and thank you for taking a peek at mine.
Very interesting.
Great job, Jan. Congratulations on placing 2nd!
Jan, I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this winning entry. Great, great message and written so smoothly as you brought the reader full circle. Congratulations--again!
WOW! That was an amazing story. What an imagination you have. Thank you.
Gloria Graves
Jan, your stories never cease to amaze me, but this one is truly a favorite. I think you could use this particular story as a springboard for an elementary to middle school series of stories on tolerance and race relations. Love it!
Absolutely enjoyable reading! But I always enjoy your writing! You are a master. I agree, this should be a book; I would buy it for sure!
Congrats Jan. Insightful and very well done. I really was moved and I thoroughly enjoyed this. I think what I enjoy most about your writing is that it is often way out there, and has the creative imaginativeness of a child, but still packs a punch, without going out of the literature boundaries. Loved it Jan.
What a very unique, and imaginative story. I wondered what was coming, some sort of Science Fiction? You brought the point out well -- how foolish is color discrimination. At least, that's what I got out of it...Thanks!...Helen
Jan, your writing is amazing. Another brilliant entry (pun intended). ;-)