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Wow! Wonderfully done, clever, delightful to read.
I think this poet must be Beth LaBuff (forgive me if I'm wrong) and has great powers for word expression in meters measured long. Such poets like this remind us of the classical greats, men like Keats and Robert Browning. I suggest you write the standard sonnets, for in sonnet format your poetry shall appear more magnificient and you'll help revive for us the blighted and dying standardized forms of English poetry.
Love this one! I think I know the author also, and as usual she has once again delivered a clever, fun, and brilliant story poem! Right on target...!
Like fine Irish lace, this piece was so intricately, delicately crafted.

A celebration of the form.

Excellent, excellent indeed.
Darling,I am not a poet, but so loved this. Well done,Blessings
Oh, I love it, Beffy! It's lovely! I really like the triolet style and the story inside-what a neat, clever piece! I could almost sing to it! ^_^
Only you, my dear poetess, could make a wonderful poem out of an umber pile! I love your narratives, and this one is no exception!
Bravo!!!!!!!!! Excellente. I enjoyed this much.
Wow! Superb creativity!
That sound you hear is me standing and clapping insanely.
I thoroughly expect a ribbon by your name in the morn. Absolutely incredible.
This is so amazing. What wonderful skill and fantastic humour! How I'd love to be able to write poetry like this.
Woo Hoo for recognition for "wonderful." Happy Dancin' with you!
I am so impressed at the gift you have with words, Beth. You amaze me. Great job and congratulations.
Beth, this is just about as outstanding as it gets! Girl, where did you learn to do this??? Writer's school where?? Do they offer a scholarship...I want to apply.

I don't even like poetry *ducks to avoid any backlash* (hehe) but I loved this... So unbelievably creative! The story, the writing, the fun,...Kudos!! You are an amazing writer!
First of all, congratulations on your well-deserved EC. Second of all, thank you for staying true to your gift and writing poetry. For those of us who don't necessarily "get" poetry, your works give us reason to start to really appreciate it. Amazing!
Oh, what woven imagery, what delightful word pictures, what humor, what meter - what a poet! Outstanding Beth! Congratulations so well deserved.
All I can say is WOW! This is just outstanding!! So absolutely, cleverly done! What a gift you have!!
This was pure delight! Do you write music, too? Because I can almost hear it! So much fun!!
WOW--what a talented and gifted writer/poet you are, Beth. Congrats on the deserved win. Do you have a book of poetry ready to publish?