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Most people don't understand what a hard decision it is to finally start taking medicine. You expressed it VERY well. GREAT job!
I agree with Cat. Glad the MC got help before doing something dangerous!
An awful lot of women can relate to this piece. It's a serious piece but one that needed to be out there. Good luck with it!
I have a friend - a man - who found himself in this position. He also sought ministry and is well on the way to recovery. Thanks for sharing this. Colin
raw. real.
writing with a gut honest tenor ... spot on ...
Well said. Nothing bothers me more than ignorant Christians heaping guilt on those who suffer with depression.
Been there, done that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this story. Heart-wrenching and real, and I loved it.
Oh dear, this one hits right where it hurts. Genuine MC, great dialogue (love the scanning for her name bit, masterful detail) and gritty, raw flashback. Well written piece on an important, personal topic.
Powerful emotions, strong story and word pictures to economise descriptions - all great, without intruding on your basic message. Very well done.
Just as God can perform miracles, I also believe that He can use medicine at times as a tool to heal the mind.

My mother hated the thought of taking medicine for anxiety and depression, but God used the medicine to get her mind back on track and at the same time prevented her from becoming addicted.

I loved the strong dose (no pun intended) of reality in this piece. I laughed at the "Your daily dose of sunshine" slogan, because it reminded me of the euphemisms that the pharmeceutical industry uses. But anyone who has struggled with these conditions knows that the pain is no laughing matter.

As someone who has been in this situation and had family members there, you hit this one out of the ballpark and conveyed your message well. Always a pleasure reading your stuff, Michele.